My first and last Cornerston Festival

So for what it’s worth, here is my only memory for last years Cornerstone Festival 2012.

My first and last Cornerstone Festival.

Since I had never been to a CF I had no preconceived ideas on what to expect. Me and other first timers (all of us on the home crew back at JPUSA) arrived at the train station and picked up by Timothy Kleinert and then taken to the festival.

As we rode around Tim pointed out the different places we would be working (I worked the night shift in the coffee house in the main tent) and where we would sleep. I can remember thinking that this place was HUGE. So many tents with food and laughter and worship and biblical teachings/preachings and tears. Volleyball, people joy riding golf carts, music everywhere all kinds of music!

My days were filled with endless wandering around and people watching (lots of wonderful and interesting characters at CF’s), eating delicious food, refreshing my spirit in the prayer tent and the all day bible teachings, dancing with joy while bands such as Glenn Kaiser, Ami Alison Moss, SkotandRachel Shaw, Soil and Sun, Laruen Mann, Aracely Bock, The Crossing, and many other shared their gifts with us.

Did I mention that I worked the coffee house? Which meant I got to enjoy and soak in all that wonderful music at night while preparing endless amounts of Tai coffees, mochas, lattes, mint teas (lots of coffee for me too lol).

I made some wonderful new friends at the festival and have even more amazing conversations and sharings with brothers and sisters of like faith.

After the festival was done, I stayed behind to help clean and sort through the aftermath as people slowly and mostly with regret packed and returned home with only memories of their last every CF.

It was truly bitter sweet as I tried to etch many details into my mind as I could. Finally the last day of clean up was there and after a meal of homemade ribs cooked by Andrea Spicer, of which ribs I still dream about till this day, a few of us got into Glenn’s van and we slowly made our way back home.

Thank you for my one and only memory Cornerstone Festival, it is one that I will always cherish and hold close in my heart


About jesuslovespug

“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand there is no going back. There are some things that time can not mend. Some hurts that go too deep... that have taken hold.”
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